Saturday , 19 January 2019
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Personalise your hotel bookings with the all-new ixigo hotels

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ew Delhi: ixigo, India’s leading travel marketplace, has announced the launch of an all new hotel booking platform in a revamped avtaar. With its renewed interface, the platform makes hotel search and booking a seamless process and offers a more personalised experience for people across various travel genres.
ixigo has used artificial intelligence to device an algorithm that personalises hotel search on the basis of one’s travel style. Owing to this game-changing feature, people can now choose who they are travelling with: friends, family, couple or solo, for personalized recommendations. From scanning amenities and facilities to even going through thousands of photographs, ixigo will intelligently personalize one’s stay options. For instance, by scanning a photograph that indicates a hotel houses a children’s park, ixigo will tag the hotel child friendly for travellers. This one-of-its kind feature that works without any manual intervention, has taken the personalization proposition to the next level.
ixigo users can also customize their hotel search with ease as the booking platform has introduced many new filters. Select filters such as Wi-fi, gym, swimming pool, pay at the hotel and even free cancellation. The new feature also allows travellers to book hotels by presenting all essential information such as details of hotel amenities, location-based search, high-quality hotel pictures and hotel reviews, among others.
Commenting on the launch, ixigo CTO & Co-Founder, Rajnish Kumar said – “ixigo’s aim has always been to solve traveller pain points. We realized, that just providing travellers with the right amount of information isn’t enough. Personalisation and customization have become very essential, a thought that became the framework for our new and improved hotels product. We’ve made the process really easy, ensuring hotel booking becomes a seamless process, which is achievable with just a few clicks. We are certain; our users will really enjoy using the new product, which makes hotel booking absolutely hassle free.”


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