Monday , 10 December 2018
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Kuldeep Bhartee elected President of Skål International, Bombay Club

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Mumbai: Skål International, Bombay Club (144) held its 62nd Annual General Meeting in Mumbai. The meeting was well attended by more than 80 members.
Mr. Kuldeep Bhartee, General Manager, Area Manager West ITC Hotels, & General Manager ITC Maratha was elected unopposed as the President of the Bombay Club.
Skål Club of Bombay committee members are :
Mr. Kuldeep Bhartee  (President )
Mr. Sunil Chopra (Vice President),  Mr. Vaibhav Kedia (Vice President)
Mr. Sunil Acharya (Hon. Secretary), Mr. Kunal Sampat (Hon. Jt. Secretary)
Mr. Arvind Tandon (Hon. Treasurer)
Committee members are :  Mr. Suresh Gulrajani, Ms. Rosita Haribal, Mr. Jyot Jhaveri, Mr. Vinayakk Laud and Ms. Sujata Mariwala.
Co – opted members  are :  Mr. Rakesh Marrott, and Mr. Jason O’Conner.
The President Mr. Bhartee gave his presentation on future goals of this elite club, vision and the roadmap which lay ahead.
President Mr. Kuldeep Bhartee said: “ Mumbai has witnessed a tremendous growth in International and domestic tourist arrivals in the year 2017. This strong momentum is expected to continue in the coming years. Being an Elite club, the management committee of the club will rise to the occasion and will work closer with all stakeholders to ensure it benefits every member.”


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