Monday , 18 February 2019
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Celebrate Love at India’s first budgeted couple-friendly hotel chain – Luvstay

Founders of Luvstay, Karan Mago (standing) & Sumit Anand (sitting)

Founders of Luvstay, Karan Mago (standing) & Sumit Anand (sitting)

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New Delhi: The concept of ‘love amongst unmarried couples’ is still very new to our country, which creates hassle for the couples to celebrate their love. Luvstay, India’s first budgeted couple-friendly hotel enables couples (unmarried & Single) as well as travellers to get safe and secured rooms at an affordable price. Luvstay also offers affordable rooms only for a few hours & shorter duration.
Inspired by the Love Hotels of Japan, Luvstay is the ‘celebration-of-love’ destination for couples and secret lovers who wish to keep things discrete, and travellers who need a place to crash. The company also offers special short-stay rates where rooms are charged based on 12-hourly tariffs.
As per Sumit Anand, Founder of Luvstay, “The concept of Love-stays in India is at a very nascent stage because of the mindsets of a certain cluster of people. While how conservative India is about the concept, Love-stays see a high demand in the future to come, looking at the initial demand. The love hotels are set to outgrow that of conventional hotels in the next 4 to 5 years as there are many takers for the idea”.
Working on a simple platform, the Luvstay app / website takes a person directly to the list of properties as soon as they enter the location, date, and time of stay. The reservation and payment process too are equally easy to get through. Since inception, Luvstay has partnered with more than 500 partner hotels onboard and a wide presence in over 40 cities including Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Ambala, Gwalior, Hyderabad, etc.
Luvstay also offers exclusive amenities like special birthday cakes, bespoke love kits, flowers, and other customizable gifts which are delivered to the room.
Adding further, Mr. Anand says, “Pricing being an important factor in a developing country like India, Luvstay aims to service only the budgeted hotel niche and not the luxury hotel segment, such that their service can be availed by the common working class as well. The competition in this segment is intensifying but Luvstay has already captured the market very well, which now aims to target the Tier-2 & 3 cities in the next financial year.
Luvstay scores amidst fierce competition is its rigorous Quality Control (QC) and selection process. Every partner hotel is shortlisted after screening through a checkpoint of 40 carefully selected parameters. They also have a strong QC team, which assesses and audits every property from time to time.


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