Wednesday , 22 May 2019
Breaking News is changing the way Indians do their pre-travel shopping

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Mumbai: Have you felt over-packed but yet ill-equipped for a trip? Is the last minute packing and frantic pre-travel shopping eating away from the joy of your much anticipated vacation, not to say anything of your travel budget?
Well, Bragpacker.coma one stop travel shop, may be the answer to all your packing woes. From luggage to lens and everything in between, Bragpacker offers a curated list of premium travel gear from the most trusted travel brands globally and is changing the way Indian’s do their pre-travel shopping. Best of all, Bragpacker provides this gear not only to Buy but also on a Rental basis i.e you can Rent the travel product you need for the duration of the trip by paying a small rental fee. With per day rentals as low as 0.5% of the product cost, you can easily save up to 90% on your pre-travel shopping using Bragpacker’s rental concept. Imagine using a camera for Rs 60/day, a backpack for Rs. 80/day or even a sleeping bag for Rs. 50/day. Wouldn’t that be exciting for frequent travellers?
The portal has painstakingly curated a list of over a hundred innovative, unique and “designed for travel” products from top international brands that can really help you upgrade your travel experience, wherever you are going. From photography essentials like GoPros, DSLRs and a wide variety of lenses to the complete set of camping gear, luggage items such as check-in & carry on bags, laptop cases, backpacks as also travel gadgets and appliances, Bragpacker has it all thought out. The portal has listed top brands such as Victorinox, Deuter, Aquapac, Samsonite Canon, Nikon etc so that you can experience the best products in an affordable way. The portal even provides a range of baby travel gear such as strollers, car seats and travel cots to enable young parents to easily get ready for travelling with babies.
Manan Shah, Founder of Bragpacker is a passionate traveller himself. He says: “I have created so that travellers can ‘Spend on Experiences, Save on Luggage’. We often tend to spend so much time, effort and money on pre-travel shopping borne out of our anxiety of being prepared for a trip. The stress that this “packing period” leads to can end up taking away from the anticipation of the trip itself, which is truly among the best part of going on a vacation. With Bragpacker, we want to take this pain out of packing for our customers. We guarantee to provide amazing products that are loved world over by experienced travellers, deliver it to you at your doorstep in perfect condition, provide you with all the accessories and instructions you need to enjoy the product and at the end of your trip, take it off your hands so that you don’t have to bother with storing and maintaining them – all of this while saving you tonnes of money so that you can spend it on creating better memories from your trip”. Adding on he says, “Having worked in three continents and travelled extensively, I have come to realize that travel has evolved considerably and the global Indian traveller has also come of age and is looking to catch up with western counterparts in travel ambition and sophistication”.
Sharing a nostalgic memory on how Manan came up with the unique concept behind ‘Bragpacker’, Mr. Manan says “On a backpacking trip to South America, I realised that I was very over packed yet ill equipped compared to my European fellow travellers, despite spending a lot on pre travel shopping. That is when I realized the importance that travel gear plays and that there are better products out there that can really make a difference in your travel experience”.
With their extremely low rentals, premium range of products and top notch service including doorstep delivery within hours of placing an order, can take the pain out of packing and also liberate you from the hassles of buying, storing and maintaining travel products that you end up using no more than 1-2 times a year.
Another innovation by is their Try & Buy option for their experiential products, wherein the customers can try a product for a small rental fee and if the customer likes the product, Bragpacker will send a brand new product to them and also adjust the rental fee against the Buy price. Thus, a customer can avail of a free trail period and never suffer Buyer’s Regret again.
Apart from this, buyers can also list their product to rent out on the website and thus earn money on their investment! Bragpacker has ensured that the product listing process is painless and profitable for the renter. The listed products remains under customer’s ownership and possession or the renter. As and when an order comes, Bragpacker manages all the logistics, payment and customer services. Essentially, Bragpacker has brought the full benefits of the shared economy to your travel gear.
He quit his high paying investment banking job and founded in 2016 to enable Indian travellers to access the best and the most innovative travel products available globally but in an affordable way, by implementing the shared economy model to travel gear.


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