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Skål International World Congress 2018

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The 79th Skål World Congress was held in Mombasa, Kenya recently succeeding the 2017 Skål World Congress held and hosted in Hyderabad, Telangana.
Skål International is a professional organization of tourism leaders from around the world with the aim of promoting global tourism. It has about 15,000 members in 400 clubs based in over 90 countries. Members are drawn from Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry’s managers and executives who meet international level in such a congress and chalk out next year plans to establish Skål as “Trusted Voice of Tourism”.
Every year Skål has its International convention in the pre-selected city in the world apart from the regional conventions. One important event during the congress is the election of the next Executive Committee for 2018-19. This year the new officers elected are:
♦ Lavonne Whitman – Skål International President – South Africa
♦ Peter Morrison – Skål International Vice President – New Zealand
♦ Maria Teresa Diaz – Skål International Vice President – Spain
♦ Fiona McFarlane – Skål International Director – Australia
♦ Bill Rheaume – Skål International Director – Canada
♦ Vijay Mohan Raj – Skål International Director – India
During the Congress the President gives recognition to few select members. This year   Skål International Hyderabad, Telangana figured prominently in this arena. Vijjay Mohan Raj, Past President Skål International Hyderabad and Chairman of the 2017 Skål International Congress held in Hyderabad 2017, was elected Skål International Director.
The most prestigious award of the Skål Ambassador of the Year was awarded to Sk. NSN Mohan, who is currently the Skål Asia Director – Public Relations and Marketing. NSN Mohan will be the first Asian and the first Indian to receive this most prestigious award in Skål. Mohan has been selected from the 15,000 Skål members around the globe, for the outstanding contribution to Skål, it is a pride moment for our Telangana state and our country. This award was awarded by President Susanna Saari to NSN Mohan. Earlier in this year Skål International Hyderabad also won the prestigious award of Skål Club of Asia award at Macau in the month of May 2018.
37 Countries from around the world attended the 2018 Skål World Congress, it has been a perfect platform for intercontinental networking, and was supported by Kenya Tourism and Kenya Tourism Ministry. Interactive sessions to discuss Tourism related issues and challenges were held with all delegates actively participating.  There was a special session for Young Skål Delegates also. This congress also finalized digital dissemination of information by authorizing a Spanish company to build a site which could be accessed on Mobile phones worldwide. There were  opportunities  for  post  and  pre  congress  tours  taking  delegates to world famous Masai Mara, Naivasha, Nkuru and also neighboring Tanzania that includes Africa’s tallest Mountain of Kilimanjaro, national parks of Ngorongoro and Serengeti.
The Minister of Tourism Najeeb Balala Gov Hassan Ali Joho and Deputy Governor Dr William Kingi of Mombasa County and Kenyan Tourism CEO Betty Radier who graced the Skål congress with the full support.
Next year’s 80th   World Congress will be held on Royal Caribbean’s ship sailing from Miami to Caribbean.


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