Thursday , 25 April 2019
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Cockerel Gunners’ White Water Rafting Expedition

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ew Delhi: Keeping the indomitable spirit of adventure alive, soldiers of the Indian Army conducted ‘Cockerel Gunners’ White Water Rafting Expedition’ at Rishikesh on 29 November 2018.  The expedition commenced on 26 November 2018 wherein a team comprising of 20 adventure enthusiasts of a Medium Regiment were flagged off at Rudraprayag.
After successfully traversing 150 kilometers across River Ganges over four days, the team was flagged in at Rishikesh.  As part of its challenging journey, the team successfully negotiated numerous grades III and IV Rapids. The expedition reaffirmed the Indian Army’s resolve of a strong sense of determination, grit, and perseverance in face of all odds.


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